AVIACAM  - Fly High Fly with us
San Niklaw Qrendi Airfield Committee
President: Adrian Pace (X-Air Owners)
Vice President: Leon Xuereb (IMC)
Secretary: Roderick Abela (Aero Club Malta)
Treasurer: Charles Galea (AOPA Malta)
Member: Franz Zammit Harber (Model Aircraft)
Member: Dr.George Said (Heritage Vehicle Trust)
Member: Dr.George Said (Fondazjoni Wirt Artna)
Member: Michael Camilleri (4S Squadron)
Member: Joseph Chetcuti (Din l-Art Helwa)
Member: David Polidano (Malta Aviation Museum)
Member: Patrick Fenech (Malta School of Flying)
Those that wish to join the committee please contact Roderick Abela by email. jethrod@onvol.net
Support the committee with a donation.
Please ask for a receipt for any donations you made