AVIACAM  - Fly High Fly with us
welcome to my website! My name is Mike Camilleri, I have created this website to help aviators who are in the process of their own aircraft. I start my aviation hobby in the year 2000 when I met a friend of mine, Major Alex Dalli and who got me introduced to the aviation community "Island Microlight Club".
 I successfully completed and obtained my unrestricted NPPL with Major Mark Said.  My first unforgettable 300 hours were on an Italian microlight type "TUCANO" with a pusher VW engine. Thereafter I built my "AVULTUN" microlight aircraft which took me 1,500 hrs to complete it.
The Avultun aircraft is a stall aircraft and is made from aluminium;  it is powered by a Jabiru 2200 air cooled 85HP engine.
Presently, the Avultun has made 300 flying hrs and thus, this aircraft has given me a lot of flying experience.
At the moment I am building another aircraft which is the "Ortolan Sherwood Ranger" Biplane. I hope that this 1930's aircraft design will be my charming toy when it is ready for flying. Any way slowly slowly, I am building experience in the aviation field and I am here to help you in all your needs and to share with you all my flying dreams.
My home built aircraft AVULTUN
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